• Richard Snell Clinical Anatomy An Illustrated R (pdf)


  • Netter S Anatomy Flash Cards (3rd Ed.) (pdf)
    • BD Chaurasia , Brain
    • BD Chaurasia, Head and Neck
      • Preface (jpg)
      • Osteology of Head and Neck (jpg)
      • Scalp, Temple and Face (jpg)
      • Side of the Neck (jpg)
      • Crainal Cavity (jpg)
      • Contents of the Orbit (jpg)
      • Anterior Triangle of the Neck (jpg)
      • Parotid Region (jpg)
      • Deep Structures in the Neck (jpg)
      • Mouth and Pharynx (jpg)
      • Ear and Vestibulocochlear Nerve (jpg)
      • Eyeball (jpg)
      • Surface Marking and Radiological Anatomy (jpg)
      • Appendix 1 (jpg)
    • BD Chaurasia Upper Limb and Thorax
    • BD Lower Limb, Abdomen and Pelvis (5th Ed)
      • Contemts (jpg)
      • Introduction to Abdomen and Osteology (jpg)
      • Anterior Abdominal wall (jpg)
      • Male External Genital Organs (jpg)
      • Abdominal Cavity and Peritoneum (jpg)
      • Abdominal Part of Oesophagus and Stomach (jpg)
      • Small and Large Intestines (jpg)
      • Large Blood Vessels of the Gut (jpg)
      • Extrahepatic Biliary Apparatus (jpg)
      • Spleen, Pancreas and Liver (jpg)
      • Kidney and Ureter (jpg)
      • Suprarenal Gland and Chramaffin system (jpg)
      • Diaphragm (jpg)
      • Posterior Abdominal Wall (jpg)
      • Perineum (jpg)
      • Preliminary Considerations of Boundaries and Contents of Pelvis (jpg)
      • Urinary Bladder and Urethra (jpg)
      • Female Reproductive Organs (jpg)
      • Male Reproductive Organs (jpg)
      • Rectum and Anal Canal (jpg)
      • Walls of Pelvis (jpg)
      • Surface Marking of Abdomen and Pelvis (jpg)
      • Radiological and Imaging Procedures (jpg)
      • Appendix 2 (jpg)
      • Index (jpg)
    • Grays Anatomy-The Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice -41 E (2016) [UnitedVRG] (pdf)
    • Keith L. Moore – Clinically Oriented Anatomy 7th Ed (pdf)
    • Atlas of Histology (Di Fiore S) With Functional Correlations 12E (2012) [UnitedVRG] (pdf)


  • BRS Biochemistry
    • BRS – Biochemistry (2ed) (pdf)
    • BRS Biochemistry (Questions) (pdf)
    • BRS Biochemistry (2nd Edition) (pdf)
    • BRS Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetics (5th Edition) (pdf)
  • Clinical Biochemistry Illustrated Color Text (pdf)
  • Chatterjea(8th Ed.) (pdf)
  • Harper S Illustrated Biochemistry (Murray, McGraw-Hill Medical, 26th Ed, 2003) (pdf)
  • lippincott_s Book (pdf)
  • Marks Basic Medical Biochemistry (pdf)
  • Satyanaryana (pdf)

Clinical Ward Books

  • Clinical Specialities (pdf)
  • Emergency Medicine (pdf)
  • Essentials of diagnosis Treatment (pdf)
  • History and Physical Exam (pdf)
  • Home Emergency Book (pdf)
  • Hutchison S Clinical Medicine (pdf)
  • Macleod S Clinical Examination (pdf)

Community Medicine

  • High Yield Biostatistics, Epidemiology  Public Health (4th Ed.) (pdf)
  • Park MCQs Community Medicine (pdf)
  • Pre Test Community Medicine (pdf)
  • Textbook of Preventive Social Medicine (4th Ed) (pdf)


  • Color Atlas of ENT Diagnosis (pdf)
  • Diseases Of Ear, Nose Throat (pdf)
  • MCQs Dhingra (pdf)

Forensic Medicine

  • Color Atlas of Forensic Medicine (pdf)
  • Parikh Toxicology (pdf)
  • Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Fifth Edition Krishan Vij (pdf)

Gynae OBS

  • Case Discussions in Obstetrics and Gynecology (pdf)
  • Gynaecology by Ten Teachers, 20th Edition (pdf)
  • ObstetricsTen Teachers 20th (pdf)
  • Pre test Obstetrics and Gynecology (pdf)


  • Davidson S Essentials of Medicine 2E (pdf)
  • Davidson S Principles and Practice of Medicine 21st Ed (pdf)


  • Levinson (pdf)
  • Lippincotts Microbiology (pdf)
  • Microbiology Principles and Explorations (8th Ed.) (pdf)


  • Basic Science for the MRCS A revision guide for surgical trainee (pdf)


  • Basic Ophthalmology R Jogi, 4th Edition (pdf)
  • Review Questions in Ophthalmology, 3E (pdf)


  • BRS Pathology 5th ed (pdf)
  • Pocket Robins (pdf)
  • Robbins pathology (pdf)
  • Special Pathology Hand Made Notes By Medical Study Center (pdf)


  • BRS Pharmacology 5th ed (pdf)
  • Katzung Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 12th Edition (2012) (pdf)
  • Lippincott_s Illustrated Reviews Pharmacology (4th Ed.) (pdf)
  • Mini Katzung Pharmacology (pdf)


  • Bailey and Love S Short Practice of Surgery – 25th Edition (pdf)
  • Pretest Surgery (pdf)


MCQs Books

  • Klm Anatomy Mcqs (pdf)
  • Lippincott S Illustrated Q A Review of Rubin_s Pathology (2nd edition) (pdf)
  • MCQS Dhingra (ENT) (pdf)
  • MCQs in Biochemistry by G. Vidya Sagar[Ussama Maqbool] (pdf)
  • Park MCQs Community Medicine (pdf)
  • Patho MCQs Book Robbins and Cotran Review of Pathology Ussama Maqbool (pdf)
  • Physiology MCQs Book (pdf)
  • Pre Test Community Medicine (pdf)
  • Pre test Obstetrics and Gynecology (pdf)
  • Pretest Medicine (pdf)
  • Pretest Surgery (pdf)
  • Review Questions in Ophthalmology, 3E (pdf)